About Me


Chelsea’s passion for yoga began over a decade ago when she first experienced the benefits of yoga. This initial infatuation inspired her to complete a 200 hr RYT certificate from Soul of Yoga and begin teaching in 2005. Her interest in health and wellness led her to earn a BS in Kinesiology and continue her studies through a  500 Hour RYT program with Radiantly Alive in Bali, Indonesia.The journey as a Yoga instructor has allowed Chelsea to teach at a wide range of studios and gyms, host yoga destination retreats, and provide private instruction for students of all ages. Her practice is a blend of Hatha yoga with Anusara principles. Through positive affirmations and breath work, she enables her students to achieve a meditative flow. Her intention is to help students explore their body physically, mentally, and spiritually while focusing on body alignment to safely improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Chelsea pays special attention to students’ needs through observation as she watches them closely to give insight for adjustments and modifications to promote pain relief and prevent injury.









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