Le papagayo:

Tuesday night is happy hour all night, this space has live music a quaint atmosphere and has good options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of my cheap favorites include duck tacos, wahine salad, lobster bisque, sangria and the free bread and pesto(only served at night).

Peace Pie's: Raw food cafe behind Mozy's my favorite item is the coconut curry mango wrap and I typically have someone I come with get the nori wraps or mushroom quesadilla.

Swamis: Indian curry tofu, comes with a side salad and I typical split this $11 dish and I am full if I am with somebody who eats more we order a side fish taco for $2.50.

GoodOnYa: Bone broth!!! Raw wraps and coffee. Best of all worlds. 

St Tropez: French onion soup, crepe, and salad

Honey's: Diner Style breakfast, plates are large, we typically get Benedicts!!!

Napizza: This is a roman style pizza, they focus on local ingredients, offer antibiotic free meat and naturally raise there pizza dough over 72 hours using less yeast and less sugar. Creating a dough that won't upset your stomach. Salad dressings are made in house with fresh ingredients. They sell roman style pizza by the slice

Qero: Good Peruvian food but I come for the tres leche

Eve's: Raw smoothies, juices, kombucha on tap and lots of bowls, I love the buddha bowl.

Lobster West: Pricey and small but so good for the occasional treat.

El Norte

Nectar Grove

The Taco Stand: Hand made corn tortillas, I love the street tacos. You can't go wrong but shrimp is my favorite and they have some delicious cream base salsas.


Pannikan: Coffee shop in an old railroad station built in 1888,  coffee shop was founded in 1968. The atmosphere is super cute. They offer simple breakfast and lunch and a lot of deserts such as red velvet cake, banana cream pie, muffins, and cherry pie to go with your coffee. My favorite things to order is the lox bagel for breakfast or chicken curry salad with a baguette for lunch

Loftys: Cayenne mocha...they use organic milk and cream.

Iron Smith: Good coffee roasters, but what I really love is that they make a Ginger Turmeric Latte, if you haven't tried one come here or you can check out the recipe on the top of my EATS page

Better Buzz:  Known for coffee, I typically get an americano to avoid unnecessary sugar, but if you have a sweet tooth try the best drink ever, it's an americano with there specialty vanilla powder. Cute atmosphere with subway tiles,  turqouise espresso machines, and eclectic light fixtures. Also this location offers food like avocado toast and acai bowls.

Philz: Originated in San Francisco this coffee shop doesn't offer espresso, but claims they don't need to as the coffee is brewed "one cup at a time" which makes a stronger brew then a typical cup of coffee. Pick your coffee bean and they will ask if how much cream and or sugar. You can also ask for it philz way it will be there traditional ratios. I like the philharmonic on a typical day but if you like to make it fancy or iced, I also enjoy the rose or mint.

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

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