Taco Bar: Best pastor tacos with homemade corn tortillas, a dallop of gaucamole and a slice of pineapple. Besides the typical mexican fare,they also offer unique options such as nopales(cactus), pamela cheese, cabeza(head), and lengua(tongue) to name a few. 

Better Buzz: Best Drink Ever, this is an americano with their non dairy vanilla powder, they also have a honey lavendar latte and a dirty chai(just ask). As a plus all coffee is organic and fair trade.

Dolce Italia: With all these new chain pizza places coming up, for ex Pieology, Blaze, and Pie . Something is really unique about this pizza, and it may be the italian owners, or that they told me they use organic products and the best cheese, but lately this has been one of my favorite pizza and it doesn't hurt that they also have cannolis.

Krispy Donuts: They have the best cronuts! These are the freshest and flakiest cronuts you have ever tried, make sure to get there before 10 am or order for pick up the night before to be safe. They have nutella, chocolate mousse, whip cream, but my favorite option is the custard with strawberries. You pick your cronut either plan or glazed and they fill it in the back.

Sublime: grapefruit salad but they are known for there mac and cheese.

Fish House Vera Cruz: Red snapper plate with cheddar mashed potatoes, buttery carrots, and a side salad.

Perks Coffee: Amazing atmosphere and unique coffee options such as kyoto cold brew coffee a slow drip process with reduces acidity in coffee and nitro coffee which is similar to a guiness and is recommended without cream as the nitro gives it a naturally smooth taste.

Mama Kats: Always a line and a little over priced but they offer cornbeef benedicts best of both worlds.

Indian Princess: If you don't eat indian a lot it is best to go to a buffett so you can try everything. Don't forget to order and eat your food with garlic naan. Used as a tortilla or a fork for most indians and I don't like eating indian food from a fork it's not the same.

Sorrento': An old school whole in the wall italian favorite in San Marcos, go on tuesday night for the spaghetti special. Bakery: Hole in the wall mexican bakery, with amazingly fresh sweet bread (pan dulce). My favorite is the custard filled triangles. Recently discovered that they also make a fresh pretzel bread with cheese, jalepeno, and ham for a $1.75, good for a nice cheap breakfast on the go, but get there early as they often sell out.

Pita Guys: Chipotle style mediterrenean bowls chicken schwarma or falafel rice with sivered almonds, in house pickled vegetables, hummus, tazaki, olives, pick and choose what you like but I go with everything.

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

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