Yellow Deli: Cranberry cashew salad and or a soup,

Urban Pizza:Tuesday night two free toppings. If you want to enjoy a beer ask the pizza place to deliver across the street to Mother Earth and enjoy a cali creamin beer.

La Paloma:Duck Salad for lunch!They also serve elk, antelope, and different types of game meat.

Lil cupcakes:everything is good matcha green tea, bacon maple, tamale, red velvet to name a few.

Texacoco: martinez special ask for lamb broth on the side and make tacos.

Flying Pig:

PepperTree: A little whole in the wall nostalgic ice cream place that has been around since the 60's. My favorite thing to get is a vanilla malt or banana split.

Belching Beaver: Coming soon! A local brewery famous for there peanut butter stout.

Curbside Cafe: I go for breakfast and normally get the Crab asparagus benedict and corn beef hash, eggs, and toast

Pho Ever:

Lush Cafe: Dirty Chai Latte w/ lavendar

SkyBound: Organic coffee and amazing gelato. I like to get a basic Americano, but it is one of the best around.


500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

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