Private Yoga and Group Sessions

Enjoy a one on one session with Chelsea to dive deeper into your physical practice with personal adjustment and alignment cues designed specifically and creatively for your body.

60 min $75

75 min $90

90 min $105


Prenatal yoga: helps to prepare the body and mind for an easier labor and recovery period through stretching and strengthening exercises. This class provides a mix of traditional hatha yoga poses modified for pregnancy. A regular yoga practice can help to reduce swelling and improve circulation. Our practice will focus on breathing and meditation techniques needed for pregnancy. It is recommended to start after 13 weeks with the permission of your doctor. 


Small group classes: varies on number of students and

commitment. Offering services specializing in corporate,

teen, and wedding day yoga. 60 minute class $100 for up to 4

people (Based on sliding scale)$10 extra per person




"As a complete novice,      I thought I might have        trouble keeping up, but Chelsea set an  accommodating pace, was very patient, and was also keenly observant about where people needed additional guidance. But the best part was how I felt afterward: rejuvenated, relaxed and charged with energy for the rest of the day. It has already help improve my strength, balance, and flexibility.

    As a sedentary desk worker it's invaluable

      to have these classes right here at the

            office in the middle of the

              day. I can't recommend

                       it enough!"

 "It is such      a great way for our employees  to de-stress and take   time away from their

   desks. So great for

    employee moral

         and team